Story Behind RK Consulting, LTD.

Founded in 1999, RK Consulting, LTD. was created from the unique partnership of Steve Rhoden and Mark Kolenbrander. Their focus on building personal relationships with their clients through integrity, commitment, and excellence has been their key to success.

December 31, 1999: thousands of IT personnel stood by to witness the impending change of the millennium clock. Nearly half a decade had been spent on preparing computer systems to be able to be Y2K compliant. By that time much of the work had been done. With tentative confidence we watched the clock turn over to 1/1/2000 without much more trouble than the usual champagne corks going off. RK Consulting started in ’99 with the foresight that computers were shaping the way to do business.

Meet Our Team

the people behind RK Consulting, LTD.

Steve Rhoden - Principal
Mark Kolenbrander - Principal
Nick Hettmansperger - Consultant

Who We Are?

RK Consulting, LTD. outsources PC networking and IT administration to small to medium-sized businesses. With over 25 years of computer and networking experience, RK Consulting, LTD. can help you use todays Information Technology to reach your business goals faster.

Contact Information

RK Consulting, LTD.
1506 Locust Street
Denver CO 80220